Romania, in southeast Europe, is dominated by the Carpathian mountains in the north and centre of the country while the main feature in the south is the vast Danube valley which becomes a delta as it approaches the Black Sea.

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Transylvania is located in the central-north-west of Romania and is surrounded by the Carpathians. Transylvania is the largest region of Romania and probably the best known one. Transylvania is home to some of Europe’s best-preserved medieval towns. Colorful centuries-old traditions are alive and well in the small villages of Transylvania. Its very name brings to mind visions of mountain peaks rising up to the sky above wooded valleys, visions of high-roofed wooden churches and legendary castles. In Transylvania new vistas and leisure activities appear wherever you go.


Moldova rivals Transylvania when it comes to rich folklore, natural beauty and astonishing history. Bucovina county is a cradle of ancient civilization, where history intertwines with legend. Bucovina is among the most attractive and frequented tourist area on Romania’s map. Among the most picturesque treasures of Romania are the Painted Monasteries of Bucovina. Bucovina is worth visiting not only for its wealth of religious art and the beautiful monasteries, but also for the natural beauty and simplicity of the region.

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Maramures is the region where ancient traditions, the folk costumes and old art are preserved like nowhere else in Romania. Is situated in the north-western extremity of Romania, at the border with Ukraine. Maramures displays a complex, all year round tourist offer, pertinent to all tourism types. Maramures villages are distinguished by their unique wooden churches with tall spires and shingled roofs. Mountain tourism is appropriate because of the huge potential offered by the Maramures Mountains, Rodna and Tibles Mountains.

Danube Delta

The Danube Delta Biosphere Reservation is the third-richest biosphere reservation in the world in terms of biodiversity, after Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands. It is home to more than 7,000 known species of plants and animals known and, scientists believe, still more as yet unknown.

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Black Sea Coast

Warm climate, miles of sand beaches, ancient monuments, vineyards and modern resorts invite travelers to seriously consider Romania’s Black Sea Coast as their summer vacation destination. Beaches, stretching from Mangalia to Mamaia, are dotted with fine resorts and hotels, and countless sports and entertainment facilities.